VersaCheck® ONLINE 2023

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  • Automate finances, bills, payroll and receivables
  • Instantly Create & Print Secure Custom Checks 
  • Create, Send & Receive Bank Compliant PDF/eChecks
  • Use with any device – up to 100 users per account

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Frequently Asked Questions

VersaCheck® ONLINE is an online platform with included Cloud based data hosting service, accessible securely from any web browser or through any mobile device in mobile friendly display. No download of software is required.
VersaCheck® ONLINE is a finance manager with accounting capabilities and powerful features to automate bill payments and collections. It also includes a user friendly custom check creation module to design or use pre-existing templates to locally print physical checks or send PDF checks via email or SMS. The latter may be printed out or scanned and deposited remotely by recipients. Checks are created for both accounts payable and receivables (collections) using inexpensive blank security check paper on-demand (available online and in stores), which saves 50-80% vs. pre-printed checks available from banks and mail order providers.
VersaCheck® ONLINE is multi-user enabled. Depending on the subscription plan, up to 100 users may concurrently log in and use the account based on customizable user rights which are assigned by the account owner, who is also the authority inviting or disabling users.
Yes, VersaCheck® ONLINE will allow you to create reports and custom checks to fill and print either directly from VersaCheck® ONLINE or your accounting software. This saves time, check paper cost and makes accounts payable and deposits a hassle-free task, integrated with your existing software (Quickbooks®, Microsoft® GP, Netsuite®, Xero® and more)
You can upgrade between VersaCheck® ONLINE Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Professional plans at any time.
VersaCheck® ONLINE is both an ideal companion to existing VersaCheck software users and a powerful stand-alone financial, payment and custom check creation solution for businesses giving you the tools to access business data from anywhere with real-time collaboration, and the ability to create and receive check payments on-the-go, from any device. Move your accounting and create your transactions online to take advantage of automatic data backup, live insights, automated workflows to reduce errors and increase efficiency. All data is top-secured with the highest encryption level. Sign up for VersaCheck® ONLINE HERE.
Yes, you're free to switch VersaCheck® ONLINE plans or cancel at any time.

Absolutely. It only takes about five minutes to set-up your accounts and begin creating payment transactions. 

Online and live chat support is included with your subscription to VersaCheck® ONLINE. Your subscription must be current. For VersaCheck® ONLINE Professional Plan, phone support is included with your subscription. For support CLICK HERE

Yes, depending on your plan subscription, you as the administrator can add anywhere from 1-100 users, who can access your accounts simultaneously. Once they accept your invitation, they can work in your account. For each user, you can set usage limits, or make them power users with complete access. You can delete their access anytime.

Yes! VersaCheck® ONLINE is tax deductible according to IRS publication 946, which states “off-the-shelf computer software is qualifying property for purposes of the section 179 deduction.”
You can create a variety of transactions with VersaCheck® ONLINE, including payments, withdrawals and drafts. The platform has a powerful check editor tool that allows you to create custom checks that are 100% bank compliant. Add your business logo, digital signature, custom fields, background graphics as well as added security features for a truly secure payment method. Checks can be filled out online, and recorded in your transaction history, and printed as a PDF using your MICR printer and Check Paper stock. You can also print blank checks to fill out by hand on-the-go.

Yes, the Check Draft feature allows you to receive a payment from any device, anytime. Simply collect your customers account number and routing number, fill in the amount, and print a finished check draft ready for deposit, thereby getting paid instantly with no transaction fees.

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